Bacterial Transformation Learner Outcomes

The following cognitive objectives should be addressed:

  1. Define the vocabulary related to genetic engineering: transformation, recombinant DNA, host, plasmid, vector, and competent.
  2. Describe the work of Frederick Griffith as it relates to transformation.
  3. State why E. coli is used in many genetic engineering experiments.
  4. Relate genetic constitution of an organism with its physical attributes: describe the relationship between genotype and phenotype.
  5. Apply the technology used for DNA transformation to current work in the field of gene therapy.
  6. Discuss the moral and ethical issues of recombinant DNA technology.

The following laboratory objectives should be addressed:

  1. Use aseptic techniques in transferring cultures and reagents.
  2. Pipette reagents.
  3. Heat shock cultures with time and temperaturerestraints.
  4. Use a spreader to get isolated colonies on agar plates.