The General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation has been actively involved in improving K-12 science education since 1992 by developing educational resources and by providing support to employees of the GA family of companies via the GASSSS program, as well as to area non-profit organizations.

The Foundation is now enhancing its support for employees to engage in education outreach. For those who participate in the GASSSS K-12 education outreach program, GA and affiliates will now provide a charge number for up to 4 hours per year. For additional information, see the GASSSS Details and Application Form on the GASSSS web site.

Congratulations to the following GA employees who have recently completed a GASSSS activity: Dee Wilson, Megan Ameng, Alan Woodward “Woody” Snyder, Lizbeth Alejandra Cazarez, Haley Kim, Victoria Wilson, Roland Tolliver, David Wakayama, Michael Allwein, Linden P. Blue, Jonathan Wine, Landon Carlson, Shahin Pajoom.

The GASSSS funding and charge number limits are now being provided on a calendar year basis.

The GASSSS program now stands for: GA Scientists/Engineers Supporting Science/Engineering for Students.

Employees can contribute their science and engineering skills by participating in the GASSSS (GA Scientists/Engineers Supporting Science/Engineering for Students) program. Employees are reimbursed for purchases.

GA scientists have developed education modules, education presentations, hands-on materials, posters, and have published articles.

The Foundation provides a limited number of grants, mostly to regional science related non-profits.  Guidelines for requesting support are provided here.

If you are an employee of GA, you can support the Foundation via the United Way campaign, or the GA PAC. You can also support the Foundation by sending us a check.