The General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation has been actively involved in improving K-12 science and engineering education since 1992 by providing outreach support to GA employees, funding STEM non-profit organizations, and developing educational resources. 

The Foundation supports employees to engage in education outreach via the GASSSS program, where they can receive a charge number for up to 8 hours as well as reimbursement for up to $500 in STEM purchases per calendar year. For additional information, see the GASSSS Details and Application Form on the GASSSS web site.

If you are a GA employee and want to participate in education outreach but don’t know where to start, click here.

If you are a teacher or science educator and would like a GA employee to work with your class/school/program, you can place your request on the GASSSS Matchmaker site or you can contact Dr. Larry Woolf to communicate your request to GA employees.

General Atomics wins Air Force Association Citation of Honor for STEM education outreach programs.

Registration for the TutorMate program is now open! See details in the TutorMate section of the GASSSS page. Please register by 9/15/19.

On August 5th, the General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation announced that it has provided $43,000 in funding for 9 STEM non-profits and programs. Click here for more information about these recent awards and here for an archive of previous awards.

Congratulations to the following GA employees who have recently completed a GASSSS activity: Michael Casebier, Landon Carlson, Nikki Casebier, Matthew Virgen, Kassandra Marshall Ritter, Ryan Contois, Terry Muy, Emily Mathison, Dave Fisher, Jake Crawford, Patrick Rye, Mima Trayanova, Tihomir Trayanov, Yongbai Joshua Gong, Kathy Kucharski, Robin Jacobson, Becky Royal, Jason Pachura, David Wakayama, Brad Johnson, Brian Cluggish, Samuel H Kim, Lara Ray, Debra S. Roy, Matt Schalnat, Kevin Downey, Don Czechowicz, Steve Celle, Shahin Pajoom, Brian Starnes, Paul Ferrell, Jonathan Wine, Askar Konkachbaev, Courtney Carrasca, Tiffany Phillips.

Employees can contribute their science and engineering skills by participating in the GASSSS (GA Scientists/Engineers Supporting Science/Engineering for Students) program. Employees are reimbursed for purchases.

Employees can volunteer as on-line reading tutors to at-risk 1st graders via the TutorMate program. The tutoring is done from your desk for 30 minutes per week, and includes the reading of science stories.

GA scientists have developed education modules, education presentations, hands-on materials, posters, and have published articles.

The Foundation provides a limited number of grants, mostly to regional science related non-profits. Guidelines for requesting support are provided here.