The General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation has been actively involved in improving K-12 science education since 1992 by providing outreach support to GA employees, funding STEM non-profit organizations, and developing educational resources. 

In 2018, the Foundation is enhancing its support for employees to engage in education outreach. Employees who participate in the GASSSS K-12 education outreach program can receive a charge number for up to 8 hours as well as reimbursement for up to $500 in STEM purchases per calendar year. For additional information, see the GASSSS Details and Application Form on the GASSSS web site.

If you are a GA employee and want to participate in education outreach but don’t know where to start, click here.

If you are a teacher or science educator and would like a GA employee to work with your class/school/program, you can place your request on the GASSSS Matchmaker site or you can contact Dr. Larry Woolf to communicate your request to GA employees.

The TutorMate on-line literacy tutoring program is now available to GA employees. TutorMate connects an emerging young reader with a GA volunteer to champion literacy for the student. *** Registration to be a tutor for the 2017-2018 school year ends on January 15, 2018. ***
Click here for more information.

The General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation has announced that it has provided support for the following programs:

  • $2,500 to Higher Orbits to support the Go For Launch! program at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, January 6-7, 2018. Students design an experiment for the International Space Station (ISS); the winner’s experiment will be launched to the ISS.
  • $2,500 to the San Diego Architectural Foundation to catalyze the initiation of the new Built Environment Education Program, which incorporates STEM concepts to teach the built environment to low-income San Diego children.
  • $20,000 to help to fully endow the American Physical Society (APS) Excellence in Physics Education Award. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to physics education at all levels and to a worldwide audience. The APS and GA education outreach programs have collaborated for many years to improve physics education.
  • $15,000 to the Center for Excellence in Education Teacher Enrichment Program to support professional development of San Diego area urban and rural middle and high school science and math teachers and connect these teachers with experts from industry and academia to explore cutting edge STEM research.

Congratulations to the following GA employees who have recently completed a GASSSS activity: Travis Burns, Yangyang Yu, Hatim Abu-Shawareb, Edward Ortiz, Isaac Vega Lopez, Justin Stricula, Terry Tomerlin, Reg Tomerlin, James Meiselbach, Mark Churchman, John Masters, Casey LaScala, Collin Alexander, Kevin Viggers, Patrick Smith, Laszlo Papp, Landon Carlson, Shahin Pajoom, Daniel Dugan, Austin Miller, Jonathan Wine, Nicholas Eidietis

Employees can contribute their science and engineering skills by participating in the GASSSS (GA Scientists/Engineers Supporting Science/Engineering for Students) program. Employees are reimbursed for purchases.

Employees can volunteer as on-line reading tutors to at-risk 1st graders via the TutorMate program. The tutoring is done from your desk for 30 minutes per week, and includes the reading of science stories.

GA scientists have developed education modules, education presentations, hands-on materials, posters, and have published articles.

The Foundation provides a limited number of grants, mostly to regional science related non-profits. Guidelines for requesting support are provided here.