2012 GA Participants in GASSSS Program

These participants have submitted a final GASSSS application. 

If your name is not on this list and you have participated in the GASSSS program, please contact Larry Woolf at Lawrence.Woolf@ga-asi.com


GA GASSSS Participant Company SchoolMaterials PurchasedActivity
Heather WilkensGASan Diego HS of Science and Technology, San Diego, CARadiation shielding kitAssist with radiation kit lesson; brief description of my scientific career 
David MoonGA-SIStansbury, Tooele, Grantsville High Schools, UTRobotics partsSupport FIRST robotics team
Andrew LeBlancGAStudent Sustainability Outreach Day at UCSDBiogreen Leaf CalculatorsDiscuss Fusion Science, participate in workshop to encourage students to major in STEM, and talk about careers
Linden P. BlueGA-ASILa Jolla High School; La Jolla, CAChemistry lab materials; Molecular modeling workshop Talk about uranium mining chemistry
Bobby RussellGA/ITQuest for Stars ProgramLogisitics and travel support for student participation in 10/14/12 flightMentor students for 10/14/12 flight; speak to classes at High Tech High
Rick WilkinsonGA-ASIInnovations Academy, San Diego, CA Electronic parts for DIY Microphone building workshop.Create DIY tutorial and host a microphone building workshop for the Media Arts Lab. Discuss the science of sound recording, while students build as many as 55 functional microphones from common electronic parts. 
Steven P. JensenGA-ASIHeritage Christian School, San Diego, CAUltrasonic motion detector and dynamics cart+track systemTrain physics teacher on use of equipment, assist in class, discuss careers in science
Darrell E. NakawakiGA-ASIHeritage K-8 Charter School, Escondido, CA4 microscopes for a kindergarten classroomHelp students to use microscopes and  understand what they are seeing 
Martin GerdomGA-ASIUniversity City HS, San Diego, CAEntrance fees for 4 teams for San Diego Science OlympiadCoach for the robotic arm competition in the San Diego Science Olympiad
Joe IppolitoGA-ASILongfellow Elementary; San Diego, CALego Mindstorms NXT robotGave brief on STEM, engineering experiences, and robotics to 3rd grade class. Demoed the Mindstorms NXT robot to students, explained how each of the sensors worked.