2019 GA Participants in GASSSS Program

These participants have submitted a final GASSSS application. 

If your name is not on this list and you have participated in the GASSSS program, please contact Larry Woolf at Lawrence.Woolf@ga-asi.com


GA GASSSS ParticipantCompanySchoolMaterials PurchasedActivity
Anna KaplanGA-ASISDSU Society for Industrial and Applied MathematicsNone"I spoke to the graduate and PhD students about how to market oneself for a software development/engineering position while being a Mathematics student. All of the students who I spoke to were getting their degrees in either applied math, pure math, or a combination of math and computer science. After the presentation, the students published a blog about what I talked about:" link to student blog
Breanna BergadoGA-ASIHarborside Elementary School, Chula Vista CA6 – Mindware Dig It Up! Triceratops Kits; 6 - Mindware Dig It Up! Tyrannosaurus Rex KitsDemonstrated the use of tools and how to use the Mindware Dig It Up Kits as well as assisted students who needed help. Spoke about the purpose of me coming out and the GASSSS Program. Also spoke about my career and the education path I took. Answered Questions about different science / engineering majors and how they are already learning about some of those.
Jeff WarrenGA-ASISan Pasqual High School, Escondido, CAPurchase of miscellaneous robotics parts for San Pasqual High School competing in FIRST Robotics competitions. (Team #3255: www.frcteam3255.com)I serve as assistant coach for the SPHS FIRST Robotics team. I mentor the students on the team in all aspects of the competition. I will be ordering parts to use for the robots both for education and competition.
Nick KemmeGA-ASISaint Augustine High School, San Diego CAA large variety of tools were purchased to aid the robotics and engineering classes in their respective builds. This included: Drill with additional battery packs and drill/driving accessories, general tool kit, wire strippers, saw, soldering irons, and electronics repair kits.I visited Saint Augustine High School twice, presenting about GA and engineering principles the first time along with helping the students build their respective projects the first time. The second time, I helped them build new structures for the engineering class as well as more project help for both classes.
Melissa WallaceGA-ASIDingeman Elementary School, San Diego, CA"2 Piper electronics kits Waffle Blocks 100 piece set "Teaching students how to tinker using waffle block building, electronic wiring, and software coding. I went over a lesson on how circuits work, using Hot Wheels cars to describe the flow of electrons. I described how voltage, current, and conductance work, and why a circuit needs to be a closed loop (all using the Hot Wheels cars). We let the students each explore the software on their own, and took notes about where they were stumbling and needed guidance so that we could teach future lessons.
Tim KinseyGA-ASIFuture City Competition, San Diego CANoneI acted as a Special Award Judge for the Southern California Regional Competition of Future City. I got a chance to talk to many creative students about their innovative solutions to the challenges of future communities, asking questions and evaluating team designs and presentations. At the end of the day I presented the award for “Best Use of Renewable Energy” to the winning team. It was a fun and enlightening experience that I would love to take part in again.