Educational Materials and Equipment for Outreach Use

30 mini breadboards; 60 wires with alligator clips on each end; 30 mini DC motors ; 30 9V battery clips; ~40 green LEDs with resistors that were used with Prior’s LED lab (Contact Gideon Prior for information about these items and his lab)

Multimeters, handheld microscopes, color wheel posters, seasons posters, and light matters posters (Contact Larry Woolf)

8 EA Elenco Snap Circuits Jr SC-100 kits (Contact Paul Levy for the kits and information about using the kits)

4-H Drone Discovery: 3 Kits (contact Larry Woolf)

1 EA 3D Printed Predator B MQ-9 model (contact Larry Woolf)

1 EA 3D Printed Predator C Avenger model (contact Larry Woolf)