Recombinant DNA Labs Team Members

MembersScientist Team Members: 

  • Sue Wojtowicz, General Atomics
  • Dr. Ellen Potter, The Salk Institute
  • Judi Heitz, Stratagene Cloning Systems
  • Barbara Armstrong, Sequana Therapeutics
  • Grace Mendoza, Cytel

Science Teacher Team Members: 

  • Gloria Friedgen, La Jolla Country Day School
  • Mark Gabler, Valhalla High School
  • Lynne Gordon, San Diego High School
  • Rose Hanscom, Francis Parker School
  • Sharon Lessard, Poway High School

Education Outreach Program Coordinator: 

The following former team members were instrumental in initiating the Recombinant DNA Labs module: 

  • Dr. Skip Garner and Dr. David Burbee, currently at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX.
  • Dr. Katie Richardson, currently at Portland State University, Portland, OR.
  • Mary Petrowski, currently at Synto Research Laboratories, San Diego, CA.