2011 GA Participants in GASSSS Program

These participants have submitted a final GASSSS application. 

If your name is not on this list and you have participated in the GASSSS program, please contact Larry Woolf at Lawrence.Woolf@ga-asi.com


GA GASSSS Participant  Company  School Materials Purchased Activity
Biliana Shields GA-ESI St. Mary school; Escondido, CA Document camera Use of document camera
Craig Campbell GA-ASI Legacy Jr. High, Layton, UT Mindstorm Lego robotics kit Mentor Mindstorm
Chiquita Box GA Poway High School; Poway, CA Robotics parts Mentor robotics
Tom Knochenhauer GA-ESI Bernardo Heights Middle School, Rancho Bernardo, CA MycroCam video camera for microscope How Lynx radar works; how ESI dosimeters work/manufactured