GA Scientists/Engineers Supporting Science/Engineering for Students (GASSSS) Program

*** New: Coronavirus Update*** During this time when students are not attending their schools, GA employees can also fulfill the activity portion of the GASSSS program by generating a PowerPoint presentation, creating a Word document, or making a short video describing an activity or their career path, all which would be posted on the GASSSS Presentations web site. If any persons are shown in a presentation, document, or video, a media consent form (below) would need to be filled out.

GA employees can contribute their expertise and enthusiasm for science and engineering by participating in the GASSSS K-12 education outreach program. The Foundation will reimburse the employee for associated material purchases of up to $500 and provide a charge number for up to 8 hours per calendar year. For additional information, see the GASSSS Details and Application Form below.

For new GASSSS applications please always use the most recent GASSSS application form, which is shown below.


TutorMate: Registration is now open for the 2021-2022 school year!
Click on Announcement on internal home pages link below for registration and other information.