2014 GA Participants in GASSSS Program

These participants have submitted a final GASSSS application. 

If your name is not on this list and you have participated in the GASSSS program, please contact Larry Woolf at Lawrence.Woolf@ga-asi.com


GA GASSSS Participant  Company  School Materials Purchased Activity
Donna Mirabella GA-ASI Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School,   San Diego, CA Registration fee for Fleet Science Center "Science To Go: Insect Inspectors" Program and Butterfly Kit for classroom Talking about career in Engineering, participating in the classroom learning activity.
Clark Schiferl GA-ASI/AS Poway High School, Poway  CA  Robot parts kits, competition entrance fees, traveling expenses, tools and machines, leading middle school FIRST teams, and much more. I will be mentoring the Scout team this season.  The Scout team is responsible for developing score sheets based on the rules of the challenge, providing a tutorial and training to students who will scout each match, recommend a weighting system to rank the other teams, compiling and analyzing all the scoring data for the competition, and participating in the selection of the alliance teams desired for the final.
Christoph Hiemcke GA-ASI/AS Poway High School, Poway  CA The funds would be used to generally support the Poway High School "Team Spyder" Robotics Club, which participates in FIRST Robotics. Funds are typically used to pay for robot parts and expenses related to participation at the competitions.   I am currently a mentor on the Mechanical sub-team of Team Spyder.  My roles include teaching the pupils about the engineering design process and about how to use the mechanism tools within the CAD system
Matthew Culley GA-ASI/AS Poway High School, Poway  CA The funds would be used to generally support the Poway High School "Team Spyder" Robotics Club. Funds are typically used to pay for robot parts and expenses related to participation at the competitions.  I am currently a mentor on the Mechanical sub-team of Team Spyder.  My roles include teaching the pupils about the engineering design process along with machining parts, building electrical and pneumatic systems.  
David Norton GA-ASI Torrey Pines Elementary, La Jolla CA Misc science materials All of 5th grade will be taking a tour of the Reuben H Fleet Science Center.  I will be assisting the students with the "On the Fly: Technology Takes Off" exhibition  I will be using my experience as a GA-ASI PM and background as a Naval Aviator to help the students understand the basics of flight.
Brad Johnson GA-ASI Bernardo Heights Middle School, and Chapparal Elementary, San Diego, CA A Board Of Education (BOE) boebot was purchased as part of a robot workstation.  Makey-Makey keyboard – Lesson in conductivity and resistance using a fruit piano and video game interface.
 Sunspot wireless sensors – Lesson in acceleration, frequency, and LEDs using the sensors as word wands and running the units on an air track and plotting the velocity over time.  Snap Circuits – Hardware snap together circuit building station using the motors, flying propeller, water, speakers, and light bulbs. Gadget exploration – Using common tools, disassembly and and identification of internal circuitry on devices such as a clock radio, hard drives, laptops, kids toys, cell phones, and keyboards.
 Line follower robot – Activity building up to a line building program involving software programming, battery power, servos, microprocessor, and IR detectors. 
Michael Deshler GA-ASI Ada Harris Elementary School; Cardiff, CA Three large screens for use with high definition projectors were purchased and delivered to the school and installed in grades 3 and 4  classrooms;  
 headphones for use with lessons on tablet computers. 
Presentations involved engineering careers with demonstrations of computer programming and video applications with analytics. The demos were combined with a remote controlled camera,  mounted on an autonomous robot (Roomba) platform.  Some discussions with students involved on-line safety based upon the (ISC)2 Safe and Secure On-line program. Instructional videos were provided with earphones for use with table computers.
Linden P. Blue GA-ASI La Jolla High School Bio-Rad DNA Helix Necklace Module;  Bio-Rad Genes In A Bottle Kit  Presentation on nuclear energy technology of the future
Lane Carlson GA/IFT San Diego Science Olympiad Supplies for an annual science competition among teams from middle and high schools in San Diego. I was the event captain administering one event at this competition.  This involves planning and logistics beforehand and then working with 5-10 volunteers on the day of the competition to proctor the competition and judge the designs, knowledge, and skills of the students from ~80-100 teams.
    Bernardo Heights Middle School, San Diego, CA Purchased equipment/materials for dissection lab – cow eyes, scissors, scalpels, forceps, etc. Helped students use equipment and microscopes during dissection lab.
Jack Yang GA-ASG Westview High School Robotics, San Diego, CA  Fund robotics program: registration for competitions, materials, tools for a new machine shop, branding supplies.  Mentor students for robotics concepts such as circuits and building
Carlos Lin GA-ASI/RSG Capri Elementary, Encinitas, CA Funding for a coaching workshop through FIRST Lego League for 3 coaches.  I will help coach the team.  I will continue with concepts that were introduced to the team last year: breaking down a problem into smaller components; prototyping, test and validation, post mortem to discuss lessons learned.  I will demonstrate how math is essential in finding solutions.
Paul Levy GA-EMS Stone Ranch Elementary School, San Diego, CA Elenco Snap Circuit kits and teacher and student guides I will assist in the classroom with small circuit projects.
Radhika Srivatsa GA-ASI/AS Torrey Pines High School Botball Tournament Material+Registration Cost Help with Software Programming and Management tasks for the Botball competition
Barton McDowell GA-ASI Classical Academy, Escondido, CA Purchase programmable robot and materials to build robot to compete in First Lego League competition. I will be coaching on a robotics team. This will involve helping the students develop concepts and trouble shooting in order to program a robot to perform a variety of tasks related to disaster preparedness and relief. Teach basic engineering skills to help the team find workable solutions for the set of problems the robot must overcome. 
Timothy Scott GA-ASI Casillas Elementary School, Chula Vista, CA Purchase of balsa wood glider airplanes that the students would assemble and fly after receiving a lesson on aerodynamics. Presented a course on the fundamentals of aerodynamics followed by a flight lab in which the students attempted to predict aircraft flight path, glide distance, and maneuvering after manipulating their aircraft control surfaces.
Don Czechowicz GA/IFT Girls Technology Conference and Expo 2104, Mira Costa College Supplies for cryogenic ice cream demonstrations and other incidentals Science demonstrations for 250 6th-9th grade girls and parents at Girls Technology Conference and Expo at Mira Costa College
Court Wainwright GA-ASI Wrightwood Academy of Arts & Science, Wrightwood, CA Purchase Lego robotics equipment and sensors Coach and mentor for the Lego robotics program
Walter (Dee) Wilson GA-ASI Twin Peaks Middle School, Poway, CA Funding will be used to pay for the
 registration of 5 teams from Twin Peaks Middle School for the San Diego Regional Science Olympiad
 competition February 7, 2015.
Mr. Wilson coaches the Twin Peaks Middle
 School Elastic Launched lider ev nt. His coaching sessions started in early October and will continue
 until February, 2015.
Khanh (Kayla) Phan GA-HR Black Mountain Middle School, San Diego, CA To help purchase Robotic Kits for use in Science Olympiad “RoboCross” Competition. https://scilympiad.org/bmms-so  Provide parent supervisory support in helping students build robots for Science Olympiad Robotic Events “RoboCross”.
Chau Nguyen GA-EMS Harriet Tubman Village Charter School. San Diego, CA Butterfly nurseries, science journals, plant labs, and related life science materials. I will assist the students to conduct, record, and explain their observations in their science journals using the science journals and kits. The students will be able to analyze, share, and discuss their observations and science experience with their classmates. The materials will empower and nurture the passion for science experiments and exploration in the young students. I hope that through this unique project, the young students can continue the path of discovering and enjoying the science world around them.
Jack Yang GA-ASI Westview High School Robotics, San Diego, CA  Fund robotics program: registration for competitions. Mentored on the system engineering approach for Robotic project planning and execution. Also mentored on the use of power tools and machinery.
Ngoc (Andy) Tran GA-HR Mount Carmel High School, San Diego CA Purchased materials for use in Science Olympiad Bridge Competition. Provided technical assistance and guidance to students during bridge building meetings.
Christopher Niemann GA-ASI Knob Hill Elementary, San Marcos, CA Funding would be used to cover a portion of the bus cost for a class field trip to the San Diego Air and Space Museum.  Taught a 3 hour class on the basics of flight and different jobs in the aerospace industry and led museum tours at the San Diego Air and Space Museum
Ken Borchik GA-ASI Escondido Adventist Academy (EAA) Energy and Motion Lab (x4) for  Integration into the Physics program for grades 9 through 12 in identifying, demonstrating, and calculating motion, energy, and force. Mechanical Engineer (Matt Whigham) and I gave a lecture on the basic aspects of Unmanned Air Vehicles and Principals of Flight. We brought airfoils, model aircraft (with moving flight controls), and static aircraft models along with a power point presentation.   
Darrell Nakawaki GA-ASG Heritage K-8 Charter School, Escondido, CA Purchase caterpillars, models of the egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly, along with books and science DVDs. Purchase life, physical, and earth science educational materials. For K, 1st grade and for use by entire school. I will help the students learn how to use the butterfly kits and understand their lifecycle and animal life cycles and a  variety of life science, physical science, and earth science experiments
Lisa Petrillo GA Regional activity at San Diego Hilton IAEA-Fusion Student Science Workshop for room costs and give-aways, a one-page placemat about plasma/fusion GA’s EAC Communications Office will be putting on a one-day science program Oct. 7, 2012, for local science students, focused on fusion energy. We will have hands-on demonstrations as well as lecture portion of the event.