2024 GA Participants in GASSSS Program

These participants have submitted a final GASSSS application. 

If your name is not on this list and you have participated in the GASSSS program, please contact Larry Woolf at Lawrence.Woolf@ga-asi.com


GA GASSSS Participant  Company  School Materials Purchased Activity
Mark Davis GA-ASI Empower Language Academy and Children’s Creative and Performing Arts Academy, San Diego CA owl pellets, magnifying glasses, and sanitary items (gloves, wipes, etc.) Short presentation on:
• Predator vs. prey
• What makes an owl a good predator
• The basics of owl digestion
Helped students dissect owl pellets and assemble skeletal structures that they discovered
Krasimir Vasilev GA-ASI FTC Robotics, Del Norte High School, San Diego CA Purchased frame parts, wheels, odometry pods, slide kits, etc. These parts are unique for this year’s challenge, where parts from previous robot builds could not be reused. See complete list in the attached receipt. Prepared slides on DC motors and electrical wiring basics, theory, and how they apply to what the team needs to design, build, and test. Reviewed wiring with the team and provided guidance on cable design and routing, helped identify root cause for past wiring failures and provided tips for reducing the risk of future failures. Provided electrical system troubleshooting tips and general guidance on the robot build, stability, and maneuverability. 
Lien Melchor GA-ASI Ramona High School AVID, Riverside CA None I was a guest speaker discussing my experience from college and career as an Engineer to about 500 students throughout the day.
Tess Bernard GA Crawford High School, San Diego CA None I did two 20-30 minute presentations that included an introduction to fusion, DIII-D and my own research. The presentation was interspersed with physical plasma demonstrations that involved students.
Kathy Kucharski GA-ASI Albert Einstein Charter Academy, San Diego CA Purchased STEM kits (Plasma Ball, Microscope, Butterfly kit and solar system lego set) Performed 4 mini experiments with the class to demonstrate water tension. Balencing drops of water on a penny, making a “water bug” that floats, making a paperclip float and using a drop of soap to disperse pepper that was floating on the surface. 
Isaac Vega Lopez; Jason Flores; Micah Baxter; Hoang Hung; Robin Jacobson GA-ASI San Diego County Engineering Council, San Diego CA None Attend San Diego Engineers week banquet event, this event allows college students the opportunity to interact with professionals and obtain career advice.
Brian Ngsee GA-ASI Canyon View Elementary, San Diego CA Booth space rental (includes tent, 4 chairs, 2 six-foot tables) for school STEAM Festival Run STEAM Festival booth with hands on activities using sets of angled block shapes with mirrors, mirrored puzzles, and hexagon shape puzzles; Inform and educate K-5 kids about who and what is General Atomics. Present 3-D printed materials and educational flyers about General Atomics. 
Aaron Sathrum GA-EMS Rolling Hills Elementary School, San Diego CA None Judged TK-5th grade science fair projects for the kids and talked about my job at General Atomics.
Joshua Pine GA-ASI Cal State San Marcos Super STEM Saturday 2024, San Marcos CA None Talking to children and parents about fabrication technology like 3D printing and how those things relate to a career in aerospace or engineering in general.  Explaining how aircraft fly, how 3D printers work, what materials are used and why they are chosen.
Mi Do, Isaac Ruiz GA American Chemical Society Student Affiliates (ACSSA) of UCSD, La Jolla CA None I was presenting my work experience, professional background, and pertinent skills acquired during my tenure at GA. Additionally, I outlined my past educational background, related chemistry experience at Chemistry and Biology lab at UCSD to create an effective resume, serving as a guide for aspiring individuals seeking entry into the industry. I also promoted various departments within the company and encouraged students to apply to GA by scanning the provided QR code. 
Barton McDowell GA-ASI FRC Team NOMAD Inc., Escondido CA Purchase of miscellaneous robotics parts for FRC Team NOMAD Inc. competing in FIRST Robotics competitions.  Various material for the robot: items such as radios, gears, wheels, etc… I mentored the team in various aspects of mechanical design from concept through CAD design and final mechanical construction. Helped with team strategy at the matches and general support throughout the season. The challenge was revealed on January 6th and competitions began on March 1.
Joshua Hicok GA FIRST Robotics Team 1572 HammerHeads, San Diego CA Robot drivetrain components were purchased. Assisted in robot fabrication as well as instructed students on the use of the lathe and mill. Also assisted at the competition to repair the robot and scout other teams robots.