Welcome to Education Outreach

If you are interested in education outreach, but have no idea what to do next – then this document is for you!

First, thank you for your interest. Working with students and providing a means for them to interact with a real scientist or engineer (that’s you!) will be a memorable and possibly life changing experience for both you and the students.

So what do you do next? Well, there are many resources on the GASSSS page of the GA Sciences Education Foundation web site that will be your friends: http://www.sci-ed-ga.org/gassss

Step 1: If you want some general guidance as to how to prepare to go into a classroom and interact with students and teachers, peruse the Education Outreach Guides: http://www.sci-ed-ga.org/education-outreach-guides

Step 2: If you just want to communicate your interest to whomever might be interested, you can enter you name and interests at the GASSSS Matchmaker site. The left side of this site lists GA engineers who are interested in performing outreach: http://www.sci-ed-ga.org/images/pdf/GASSSS-Matchmaker.pdf

Step 3: If you want to contact a teacher or organization that is looking for an engineer, then you have 2 options. For specific opportunities, look at those that have been posted on the right side of the GASSSS Matchmaker site. Teachers and students with very specific interests have posted their hopes and dreams, along with their personal contact information. Send them an email or call them if you are interested: http://www.sci-ed-ga.org/images/pdf/GASSSS-Matchmaker.pdf

Step 4: If you are looking for more general opportunities, a variety of possibilities are listed in the Science Education Outreach Opportunities site. By contacting any of the organizations listed, you will find a wide range of possible activities to explore: http://www.sci-ed-ga.org/science-education-outreach-opportunities

Step 5: If you want to see all the ways GA Scientists and Engineers have already done outreach through the GASSSS program, take a look at how about 1000 of your colleagues have had a rewarding outreach experience. So you have about 1000 examples of what can be done and 1000 points of contact with whom to discuss their experiences: http://www.sci-ed-ga.org/ga-participants-in-gassss-program

Step 6: If you know of a teacher, school, or group that is looking for someone from industry to interact with educationally, then consider the GASSSS program. If you contribute your time in an activity, the GASSSS program will reimburse you for material purchases of up to $500 and will also provide a charge number for up to 9 hours.

Step 7: If you want to see what types of formal presentations and activities have been presented by GA scientists and engineers via the GASSSS program, take a look here – and feel free to use these for yourself if you’d like: http://www.sci-ed-ga.org/gassss-presentations

Step 8: There are many other ideas for educational activities that you can use or adapt. Some well-known ones are listed here: http://www.sci-ed-ga.org/curriculum-resources-for-classroom-activities

Step 9: If you’d like to use materials that already are at GA and will be provided to you at no cost, take a look the materials shown here: http://www.sci-ed-ga.org/educational-materials-and-equipment-outreach

Step 10: There are many other educational resources that were developed by GA scientists and engineers that could be used for outreach. They are listed at: http://www.sci-ed-ga.org/education-resources

If you need any additional assistance, contact Larry Woolf at Lawrence.Woolf@ga-asi.com