Recombinant DNA Resources


Bioethics-1992 Biology Institute (free)
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
CN 5281
Princeton, New Jersey 08543-5281
(609) 452-7007, FAX: (609) 452-0066

A Further Look at Biotechnology-1993 Biology Institute (free)
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
CN 5281
Princeton, New Jersey 08543-5281
(609) 452-7007, FAX: (609) 452-0066

DNA for Beginners - A Writers and Readers Documentary Comic Book
I. Rosenfield, E. Ziff, and B. Van Loon
Writers and Readers Publishing, Inc.
Presents the history and concepts of genetics in a readable and accurate format.

Working with DNA and Bacteria in Pre-College Science Classrooms
Toby Mogollon Horn
National Association of Biology Teachers
Reston, VA, 1993, 24p. $10.00

Genetic Engineering: Shaping the Material of Life
Ellen Thro
Facts on File, Inc., 1993

Los Alamos Science, Number 20, 1992 - The Human Genome Project
Necia Grant Cooper - ed.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM

DNA Science: A First Course in Recombinant DNA Technology
David A. Micklos and Greg A. Freyer
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press and Carolina Biological Supply Co.,
Purchase from Carolina Biological Supply Co., Cat. #21-2211,
1-800-334-5551 (from NC call 1-800-632-1231); 1990.

Cells Are Us (1990); Cell Wars (1990); Amazing Schemes Within Your Genes (1993); and DNA is Here To Stay (1992)
Dr. Fran Balkwill and Mic Rolph
Harper Collins Publishers

The Code of Codes (Scientific & Social Issues in the Human Genome Project)
Kevles and Hood, Editors.
Harvard University Press, 1992

Blueprints: Solving the Mystery of Evolution
Maitland A. Edey and Donald C. Johanson
Little and Brown, Publishers.
~$12 paperback; does a nice job of tying together evolution and genetics.

Mapping and Sequencing the Human Genome: Science, Ethics and Public Policy
Biological Science Curriculum Study
Colorado Springs, CO

DOE Human Genome Program "Primer on Molecular Genetics"
June, 1992 (free)

Human Genome Management Information System
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
PO Box 2008
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6050
(615) 574-7582; FAX: (615) 574-9888

Video Tapes

Teaching Guide - Secret of Life

The WGBH Collection Educational Print and Outreach
PO Box 2053 125 Western Avenue
Princeton, NJ 08543 Boston, MA 02134


The Human Genome Project: Biological Nature and Social Opportunities (A Stanford Centennial Symposium)
Stanford Alumni Association
Bowman Alumni House
Stanford, CA 94305

How Babies are Made (Nova Series)
Coronet Film and Video
420 Academy Drive
Northbrook, IL 60062
Discusses common programming found in zygotes allowing them todevelop into fully developed organisms.

Internet - A moderated (by Doug Lundberg) discussion group for teachers, students and others concerned with genetic engineering and education.

Laboratory Supplies

Baxter Diagnostics
Scientific Products Division
17111 Red Hill Avenue
Irvine, CA 92714

Carolina Biological Supply Company
2700 York Rd
Burlington, NC 27215

Fisher Scientific
711 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-9919

Stratagene Cloning Systems
11099 North Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, CA 92037
1-619-535-5400 x6008 (Educational Materials)

Natural Science Establishment, Inc.
Santa Fe Springs, CA