Conferences and Workshops

General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation (GASEF) Presentations/Workshops at Local and National Conferences

Academy Industry Program at Beckman Center, University of California at Irvine.  “Forum on the Promise and Dilemma of New Materials.”
1998: Terry Gulden participated -

Academy Industry Program of the National Research Council in Washington, DC 

1996: Larry Woolf participated -

American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) and American Astronomy Society joint annual conference in San Diego.  GA presented several short courses at conference, which is attended by high school and college physics and astronomy teachers.  GA workshops on Fusion, It’s a Colorful Life, Line of Resistance, Physics of the Light Bulb.  2001 -

American Meteorological Society National Conference in San Diego. Larry Woolf did a poster presentation with Seasons poster, 2005.

American Physical Society, April General Meeting.  At their teachers day session, Larry Woolf has presented workshops on Line of Resistance, Physics of the Light Bulb, and It’s a Colorful Life.  2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 -

American Physical Society, March Solid State Physics Meeting.  At their teachers day session, Larry Woolf has presented workshops on Line of Resistance. Physics of the Light Bulb, and It’s a Colorful Life.  2000, 2001, 2005 -

Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  Larry Woolf met with Professors to discuss a new program that combines Art and Science. 2000 -

Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) Larry Woolf is curriculum consultant and technical reviewer for physical science parts of BSCS Science: An Inquiry Approach high school program -

California Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Annual Conference.
At this annual conference for K-12 teachers, GA presents 2 – 4 workshops each year:  Explorations in Materials Science, It’s a Colorful Life, Recombinant DNA Technology, Physics of the Light Bulb, Line of Resistance, and Fusion.  Workshops are presented by GA Scientists/Engineers and SD area Science Teachers.  GA has participated from 1995-2002.

California State School Board Larry Woolf testified to the board in support of FOSS Science program in 1999; about science materials and the adoption process in 2000; about the science framework in 2002; about criteria for adopting science materials in 2004.

Expanding Your Horizons.  Larry Woolf presented color workshops in 2002 and 2003.

Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair, spring each year GASEF gives Junior and Senior Division prizes for projects related to Advanced Materials and Fusion and Maglev.  Two or three GA scientists/engineers are Judges. GASEF prizes given all years since 1998 - present. -

High School Science Day at General Atomics for 11th-12th grade Physical Science students 1994 - 1997.

Honors Seminar Program.  Enrichment program for 11th and 12th grade honor students in San Diego.  GA Scientists John Lohr and Larry Woolf have presented for students in this program in 1998 and 2000 respectively.

Howard Hughes Program, UCSD to General Atomics for a Panel presentation by women scientists and engineers. 1998 -

Institute for Chemical Education (ICE) at University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.  ICE and GASEF entered into an agreement in fall of 1998 that ICE would revise GA’s “Explorations in Materials Science” as a stand-alone module and kit for teachers.  This kit can be purchased directly through ICE.  Royalties received by GASEF from the sales of the kit go directly to the GA Education Foundation to further its activities.   “The Line of Resistance” kit is also sold by ICE under the same arrangement. -

KISS Institute for Practical Robotics Southern California Regional Competition at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.  MAST Academy of San Diego County Office of Education (Math and Science and Technology Academy) had three teams in their Robotics Academy.  General Atomics Foundation and Dow Chemical underwrote the participation of the teams in the regional competition. Two scientists/engineers from GA, John Follin and Jim McNair, worked with the three teams for 6 weeks in preparation for the competition. This was a most successful opportunity for 33 middle school students from 17 different schools throughout the county.  2001-2003. In 2006 Diana Anderson, engineer at General Atomics Aeronautical Systems mentored girls Botball team for BEWISE (Better Education for Women in Science and Engineering) -

Lawrence Hall of Science FOSS program.  General Atomics hosted the FOSS electronics course summer workshop for middle school teachers. Larry Woolf was curriculum consultant and technical reviewer for FOSS Middle School Electronics module and Force and Motion module.

Legoland US FIRST Robotics Competition Finals.  GA provided volunteer judge, Sue Wojtowicz for the competition. 2000 -

National Science Foundation Education Reviews. Larry Woolf has been on numerous review panels and site visit committees, including the 2005 Long Range Planning Workshop for the Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Education division, and the 2002 (as chairperson) and 2005 Committee of Visitors Review panel for the Instructional Materials Development program-

National Science Teachers Association.  Larry Woolf presented workshops on color, The Line of Resistance, and the light bulb at the 2002 national meeting.

Optical Society of America, San Diego Chapter.  Chapter holds monthly meetings and invites guest speakers.  Often they invite San Diego area teachers to attend.  Larry Woolf, presented color unit.   2000 -

Optical Society of America.  Larry Woolf presented color unit at their teachers day program at their annual meetings in 2001 and 2003.

San Diego Science Educators Conference (SDSEA Conference). Annual conference in San Diego for area science teachers, K-12. A variety of General Atomics workshops on:  Explorations in  Materials Science, Line of Resistance, Recombinant DNA Technology, Physics of Light Bulb, Exploring Color (for K- 6 teachers), It’s a Colorful Life, The Physics of Driving Safely, Seasons, and Fusion.  Workshops presented by several engineers/scientists from GA and area science teachers.    GASEF presentations/workshops in 1996-2001, 2003, 2004

San Diego County Office of Education Middle School Science Focus Institute. Two GA modules presented to Middle School teachers.  1999 -

San Diego Union Tribune, Larry Woolf, submitted an article on the Science Standards for the Commentary Page. It appeared in Dec. 2000.  Also published in the North County Times. -

Southeastern College Art Conference/Mid America College Art Association Joint Meeting.Larry Woolf presented color talk.  2000 -

Symposium sponsored by San Diego State University and San Diego Science Alliance, “Local Design and Implementation of Model Elementary School Partnerships”.  Larry Woolf, speaker -

University of California at San Diego, Teacher Education Program (TEP). Larry Woolf gave presentation on Science Standards and It’s a Colorful Life. 2001 -

University of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Chemistry presents a National Science Foundation funded summer workshop for Teachers in Materials Science.  Larry Woolf, presented workshops on Explorations in Materials Science, Line of Resistance, It’s A Colorful Life, Physics of Light Bulb.  1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 -